Introduction-mould testing

JCS Technology specialise in Mould and Mould growth challenge testing.

We can also offer a wide range of UKAS accredited testing  for mould/Fungus in our dedicated microbiological facility. We have assisted clients that have  require mould challenge testing for a wide range of materials and products.



UKAS accredited Mould growth challenge testing




We test equipment, materials, components or products for their resistance to mould under various conditions. We can test to any published standard or to your specifications. Some of which are shown below [click here].

UKAS accreditation see schedule in Accreditation section



Plastic                        ASTM G22-76:1980 Method A&B Resistance to bacteria

                                 ASTM G22-76:1996 Method A&B Resistance to bacteria

For more general information on moulds see the bottom of this page

Mould Identification

At JCST we are able to identify and enumerate fungi and yeast when collected on swabs, in dust samples or bulk materials. We can generally provide results to genus level. To achieve this the samples need to be plated out so incubation period can range from 7 to 14 days.




Shelf life testing

The shelf life test looks at how long a product will last within set conditions before micro-organism growth occurs. This enables suppliers to confidently set their use by dates


Food and water testing



JCST can provide an independent and accredited testing service for a wide range of food testing expertise and capability.

Drinking water- Microbiology and chemical analysis

Coliforms, E Coli, Legionella screening, 

We can also arrange on site water sampling

Water analysis - swimming pools and other water source





UKAS accredited standards-mould

Aircraft Equipment

Mould Growth BS 3G-100 Part 2 Section 3
Sub-section 3.3: 1972(1983)
Electrical Equipment and Components Mould Growth BS2011: Part 2.1J:1989
BS EN 60068-2-10: 2005
Pt 2-10 Test J
Military Equipment Mould Growth

DEF STAN 07-55: Part2
Sect 3/2 1982 Test C1
DEF STAN 00-35: Part3
Issue 3 1999 Test CN1
DEF STAN 00-35: Part3
Issue 4 2006 Test CN1
MIL-STD-810A Method 508
MIL-STD-810B 1967 Method508
MIL-STD-810C 1981Method508.2
MIL-STD-810D 1983Method508.3
MIL-STD-810F 2000Method508.5
MIL-STD-810G 2008Method508.6
Plastics Action of microorganisms BS EN ISO 846:1978 Method A&B
Plastic material Fungus ASTM G21-09:2009
Textiles Microbiological deterioration
due to action of miocrofungi
BS6085:1992 Section 3 & 5
BS EN 14119:2003 M A1&2,B1&2

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NON-UKAS APPROVED METHODS( testing under ISO 9001 certification)

JSS 555555 Mould growth

ASTM D3273 Growth on coatings in environmental chamber

ASTM D5590 Paint film resistance to fungal defacement

ASTM D5589 Paint film resistance to Algal defacement

ASTM G29 Plastic resistance to algae

ASTM D2574 Resistance of Paint to microorganisms

ASTM E2315 time kill procedure

ASTM D5588 Microbial resistance -paint