About Failure Investigation

The team at JCS Technology have been investigating and resolving product failures for many years. This experience allows us to recognize indicators of failure and follow these leads to their possible root cause. We can help you to define the problem and recommend solutions. 

A product failure may include premature breakage, discoloration or even an unexpected odour.

Before we begin, it is useful to know if this failure is a new occurrence or has been an ongoing issue. A sample of the "good" vs. "bad" product may be sent to us, but onsite investigations are also an option.

This detailed examination of failed components can ensure corrective action is effective

Case Studies

A1 Composite bracket failure

A carbon epoxy attachment bracket used the aerospace industry failed in service. Initial examination indicated the failure had originated from the corner section of the bracket. Sections were taken and examined under the microscope and heavy voiding was observed. A subsequent change in the processing of the bracket enabled the bracket to be produced without observable voids and the bracket is now back in production.

A2 Paint film failure on submersible Pump

A pump used to transfer fluids at high volume suffered a failure of its exterior paint finish. The pump was visually examined on site and samples of failed paint taking for further analysis. Following laboratory analysis of the film and the evidence gathered on site, the cause of the failure was shown to be poor surface preparation prior to the application of the paint. The pump was subsequently vac blasted and repainted on site and is back in service without a problem to date.

A3 Failure of plastic pipe jonts

Pipes installed in a chemical processing plant failed pressure test. Sections taken through joints showed failure of interface bond due to both poor preperation and and bonding. Sections were cut from the pipes and polished for microscope examination.