JCS Technology has worked with the Composite industry through good times and bad. Working together with our client we try to provide the best cost effective service possible.  All our staff have an engineering/quality background so Quality, traceability and speed of response is second nature to us.  We offer a wide range of services targeted at the Composite industry. From Mechanical to Environmental testing and from product testing through to burn test, JCS Technology can help.

Composite Test such as:-


Tensile Testing              Compression testing ( Celanese, Cruciform etc)      Flexural test- panel and skin

In-plane shear              Interlaminar Shear                                                Strain gauge attachment service

Bolt Bearing strength     V-notch shear                                                       Lap shear


Prepreg Analysis              Fibre Volume/Void determination          Chemical caricterization of resins       

Burn Testing

Horizontal burn , 45 Deg burn, 60 Deg C, burn

Smoke testing, Toxic gas testing, OSU test