JCS Technology has worked with the forensics industry over many years. Working together with our client we try to provide the best cost effective service possible.  All our staff have an engineering/quality background so Quality, traceability and speed of response is second nature to us.  We offer a wide range of services targeted at the forensic industry. From textile fibre examination to Comparison testing and from product testing through to physical testing, JCS Technology can help.

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Forensic Fiber Analysis

Fibers are considered a form of trace evidence that can be transferred from the clothing of a suspect to the clothing of a victim during the commission of a crime.  Textile fibres can be transferred from rugs or blankets, between individuals, between and individual and an object or between two objects.

Locards Exchange therory:- Put forward by Locard states that with contact between two items, there will always be an exchange.. This is the basis of trace evidence collection at a crime scene.

Direct or primary transfer:- Transfer from fibre source such as carpet furnature etc

Secondary transfer:- Transfer of fibres from clothing of suspect to victim

Unfortunately fibres are not alwways transfered. Some fabric types donot  shed fibres well and some fabrics do not hold or retain fibres.

With this in mind it is worth considering

i) Fabric construction and the fibre composition.   ii) Force and duration of contact.  iii) Damage to clothing