Electrical Testing

At JCS Technology we are able to offer a wide range of electrical testing. As an independent and accredited facility we are able to offer our clients the confidence in the results and service we provide. Some of our services are shown below.
•Voltage measurements in the mV to kV range, for both DC and AC
•Current measurements in the mA to 100 A range, for both DC and AC
•Resistance measurements in the mΩ to GΩ range
•Surface Resistivity indicates Conductivity and Insulation Resistance
•Volume Resistivity indicates Antistatic behaviour 
•Insulation resistance
•Temperature forcing from –65°C to +150°C (environmental test)
. Electrical DC  Resistance testing  to Mil-DTL-5541 and Mil-DTL-81706  section 4.5.5

Chemical Conversion Coatings 

Determination of electrical resistance based on Mil-DTL-5541 Section and Mil-DTL-81706

A nominal electrode pressure of 200psi, Upper electrode of 25 mm2 and the lower electrode of greater surface area. Applied to test panel at 10 specified areas shown in Figure 3 of standard. The resistance is measured using a  modified Kelvin Bridge.


Paint adhesion testing, Wet and dry

Immersion testing

Dry film thickness - see Phsical testing

Gloss testing -see physical testing

colour matching-see phusical testing

Adhesion - cross cut

Adhesion dry tape