Flat Panels

Using both wet layup and prepreg materials we are able to layup your panels with which ever fibre orientation you require and to the required resin content in the case of the wet layup.

Using well trained and skill operators to ensure the quality of the final product- traceability maintained throughout

Cutting- using a variety of cutting methods to ensure quality plys from which the laminate will be produced.

Lay-up. Using formal stacking procedures to ensure correct

Autoclave, oven  or cold cure processing available.

panels are trimmed to correct size and labelled to ensure traceability.


Profiled Panels

From the manufacture of tooling through to final layup and assembly.

with both dry fabric/film adhesive and prepreg to ensure good tack and drape-ability

Using vacuum bag moulding to give good consolidation and ply contact.

Honeycomb Panels

Sandwich panels from aluminum and hexel honeycomb, can be assembled using both film and foaming adhesive to give additional attachment within the cells. We can advise on the materials to be used and propose methods of manufacture.