Bonding of components

Using both film and cold cure adhesive to achieve required design strength. We have many years experience in the preparation and bonding of both composite and metallic parts.

Preparation of lap shear samples-UD carbon plates and epoxy resin based adhesive

Look at the carbon plates and establish if peel ply is present.  If so remove just before bonding

Add glass spheres to ensure glue line thinkness to the adhesive mix. Generally not more than 6% by weight or the properties could be effected.

Remove the peel ply, degrease and bond together with an overlap of 25mm. Hold in place with clips untill cureed

Contact us for further information on or phone 01934 644866


Component assembly

If you have a production requirement then contact us . We have a component assembly facility  for small or medium production runs

Contact us on 01934-644866 or with drawing and number of component stages.